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IgniteUp 3.1 is Here!

After releasing the huge version of 3.0, here we are with the update 3.1 for IgniteUp. In this update you have some important changes to consider about. And yes you have to take some actions for good.

Provide social media links only once for the lifetime

Previously we asked you links to social media once for a template and when changing templates you had to provide social links again in the options for the new template. But in 3.1 we moved social media link options to the Common Options tab in IgniteUp options page.   Continue reading IgniteUp 3.1 is Here!

How to create coming soon page for your wordpress site

I have set up my domain and hosting now what? That’s a common question comes to mind when everyone gets hands on with a website. Whether it’s for personal or commercial the best way to have content managed is WordPress. Once you installed, a big army is ready for your command. Well, how to install WordPress then? Just follow this link to official WordPress Codex. But you might not ready with a theme for your site yet, perhaps you’re waiting for your designer and developer or you’re the one who gotta make it up. Quiet sure that you claimed the domain before someone else but now till you ready, how can you keep the site like a cat without fur? eww! And don’t create an index.html with a “<h1>Under Construction</h1>” for god’s sake!! IgniteUp is here saving your arse. Continue reading How to create coming soon page for your wordpress site