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IgniteUp 3.1 is Here!

After releasing the huge version of 3.0, here we are with the update 3.1 for IgniteUp. In this update you have some important changes to consider about. And yes you have to take some actions for good.

Provide social media links only once for the lifetime

Previously we asked you links to social media once for a template and when changing templates you had to provide social links again in the options for the new template. But in 3.1 we moved social media link options to the Common Options tab in IgniteUp options page.  Social-Links-Now-Under-Common-Options
*Please note that previously saved social media links will not be effective in the templates anymore. So after updating to 3.1 go to Common Options tab and provide all social media links for the very last time.

Improved support for external templates

Now you can define the minimum IgniteUp version needed to support your template. As an example, in a template named “A”, developers have used a new feature which is only available in IgniteUp 3.1 or above. So now template developers can define that the template can only work with IgniteUp version 3.1 or above. So users will be able to use the template “A” only if they are running IgniteUp version 3.1 or above.

More organized option pages

Now we use jQuery accordians to organize options in every option pages including Template Options, so that you can easily navigate between them.

Options are now sectioned with accordians
Options are now sectioned with accordians

We believe that this improvement will help you browse through options more easily.

Ready for WordPress 4.4

In this release we have tested and added adjustments to our code so that IgniteUp will work smoothly like before with the upcoming WordPress update 4.4. In the release of WordPress 4.4, they have included some improvements / changes in their stylesheets which is why we had to do some improvements as well in this release to match theirs and to keep the look as it were with previous WordPress versions. But don’t worry, it’s just a little visual adjustments to admin options pages and our previous versions also will work with WordPress 4.4 without any issue.

Translate Friendly more than Ever

IgniteUp is need to be translated into other languages. So in this release we have improved strings to make them ready to be translated. And we are looking forward to expand the number of languages with your help all around the world. We are glad that IgniteUp users are already ready to contribute in their languages. If you can also contribute, let us know.

Enjoy the new release.

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