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IgniteUp new version 3.3 is here

After the minor but with awesome features like IP whitelisting, Unique link to bypass offline mode of IgniteUp v3.2 we decided to focus on another set of user requests. Recently few users informed us that some other plugins are conflicting with IgniteUp and breaks the functionality, so here we are with a solution.

No more conflicts

WordPress loads other plugin scripts on to your IgniteUp facade in default. That makes other plugin scripts and styles to forcibly run on the IgniteUp theme and that breaks the ignition. So we removed such parts from all of our themes then added our own method to allow you to add custom scripts.

Speaking technically, WordPress has its own wp_head() and wp_footer() which brings enqueued scripts and styles to site header and footer. That allows all the themes to have their CSS and JS to support the theme functionalities. But when IgniteUp is activated, such theme styles and scripts run on IgniteUp themes and breaks the functionality. As a cure, we are removing them by default.

New Custom CSS editor

Until now Custom CSS box was just a text box where we can make amendments to the IgniteUp themes. Things got more lovable that now it’s more like an IDE, syntax highlighting and everything is there. This is very useful to write the codes and check the errors on the go. Thanks CodeMirror for making that possible.

Fixed more bugs

We are really grateful to the people who continuously contacted us and show us the bugs with different environments. We’ve fixed all of them and IgniteUp is now more compatible with various hosting servers, themes and other plugins. Always let us know if you come up with anything using the contact form.

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