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IgniteUp presents you the Two-Face

IgntiteUp is widening its user base each day and current numbers are at 20,000+ of active installations. That’s because we gift you the very best and you’re lovin’ it! In another good news, we are launching our new premium theme “Two-Face” which is a multi-scroll theme that emerges modern design and user experience.

We’re all nerds. So our new theme name must be familiar with you *in a deeper voice* I’m the Batmannn! But still Harvey Dent is someone important in the story line. We will get back to it later. In this new IgniteUp skin, you can experience a different look and feel. In the internet you go through many websites where you scroll from top to bottom but isn’t that too mainstream? What if the scrolling is out of the box that works in a different way but also you can show much content at once? Two-Face’s got your back.

Our new template stunts three sections but 5 views at once. In the first section you get to say Hi to the visitor on left side. It also bears space to get them subscribed so you can easily let know when the site’s up. Meanwhile, there’s a countdown on the right side to display how much time is left to launch your site or even to end-up the maintenance with your beautiful logo.

Then there’s a full width view to display some bigger content. Say it’s an about page, some apology of your downtime or even maybe something funnier to read to break the ice. We made this section bit wider so you get space to be with your visitor a bit longer. When story telling time is over, it’s time to get their feedback. Third section takes care of it with two more views. In the left if this IgniteUp template visitors see a contact form to reach you while the other part displaying links to your social media accounts. Sounds good eh?

As you know our templates are fully customizable that you can either change any text color, image or set a background color rather than images. Not just that, IgniteUp now has a “Custom CSS” field giving you full access to change whatever in the template as you wish. You can find more about our new features on last post on Igniteup’s big release, 3.2. The theme is fully responsive which means it will make your visitors comfortable on any device.

View the demo

So, back to our story of how the theme got its name, when we saw it scrolls like two parts it really reminded us of Harvey Dent who got a scar at one side but other part normal. Isn’t that showing two sides of people where they act good but also negative? Regardless of the trademarks and everything we chose that name because it gives a lovely memory but still all the rights go to DC comics who presented us this nice story to cherish.

As a introductory price this IgniteUp template comes just for $4.99 but will go up to $6.25 when the promotions are over. So you better get hurry! It’s worth a shot.

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