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Version 3.2 hatched

It’s been a while after latest 3.0 major build got an update to 3.1 with some special steps for you to do yourself on migration and here 3.2 has been released right now with new stunning features on-board.

Whitelist IP adresses

Now you can whitelist any IP address to opt-out IgniteUp template and show your actual website. This will come handy if you’re developing your site with another remote person and want only them to see your actual site. In the options page you can add multiple IPs with separate lines and those will get skipped the facade.

Unique link to skip IgniteUp

While IPs are dynamic in most countries, we thought you’d also need some kinda unique URL to send your friend to skip the mask. Once they come through that link, they can visit any link of your website which means they get full access to go through for few days. You can create any preferred link via Options page and make it expired by changing again.

New subscription alerts

In this version, we have added another important feature for you to receive an email notification (only if you want to) when you have a new subscriber through any IgniteUp subscribe form.

Few bug fixes

Bugs are everywhere specially when there’s something brighter. We handled few bugs bothering around and placed them away safely without letting burnt by IgniteUp flame.

Ready for new templatesbarney

We readied the plugin for the next set of templates which are about to come with latest and cutest features you might love. Keep in touch to hear about a template from Gotham, and it’s going to be legen.. wait for it..

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