Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a quick answer to how to update a template. Read the whole article how to update a template here.

  • Deactivate the current template plugin.
  • Delete the current plugin.
  • Install the new template plugin.

That’s it. Now you are running on the latest.

Please follow the following steps to install IgniteUp templates which are purchased from our website to your IgniteUp enabled WordPress installation.

  • After purchasing the template, go to My Account page from the top menu of the website.
  • In the My Account page, you can see your orders and also you should be having your template file (Mostly a .zip file) in the Available Downloads section for download at any time you want.
  • Download the appropriate file you purchased.
  • Install it as a normal WordPress plugin from your Plugins -> Add new page.
  • Activate the installed plugin.
  • Go to IgniteUp -> Templates page. And your new template should be in the list.

It’s because your WordPress theme or other plugin which is active, made a conflict with IgniteUp CSS styles. IgniteUp is dequeuing all enqueued stylesheets from any other sources to avoid any conflicts. But in some themes, they are using on-page or in-line styles that will not be removed. In those cases those can be caused for some conflicts or may completely ruin IgniteUp templates.

Try switching to one of WordPress default themes and check if your theme causes the conflict. If the issue still exists in WordPress default theme, it should be a plugin causing the problem. Then try deactivating active plugins one by one to find out which of your active plugins caused it.

Contact us if you finds out the conflicted theme or plugin (with the name and the URL to find the theme or plugin). Reporting us will help to improve IgniteUp to minimize conflicts as much as possible in the future.

You have to skip the page for your user role. It will fix the problem.

Please read the How to skip the IgniteUp page for logged-in administrators? question to read how to fix it.

You have options to skip the page for administrator, editor and subscriber roles.

You can change this setting from the Skip Page For option in the IgniteUp > Options page.