How to update a template?

We are noticing updates to the templates and to the core plugin via our newsletter. But if you have unsubscribed from the newsletter you can visit My Account page and check the version number from the available files which you have access to.

For example, if you purchased the Glass Pro template, Glass Pro template zip file will be available in your My Account dashboard forever. And in the file name you may find the version number. If it’s a newer version relative to the one you have installed (you can check the current installed version number for the appropriate template plugin from the Plugins page of your WordPress admin panel) or downloaded previously, that means there’s an update for the template.

After downloading the latest version zip file,

  • Deactivate the current template plugin.
  • Delete the current plugin.
  • Install the new template plugin.

That’s it. Now you are running on the latest.

While you make the transfer, if your premium template was in active, and if IgniteUp:Enabled, when a visitor visit the site, IgniteUp will switch the template to the default Launcher. If it has switched, after updating the plugin, activate the template you updated, again.

If you are facing any problems, contact us via support page.